The AGEMA UGV equipped WarbleFly multi-launch system is designed to provide high mobility and high firepower, with real-time situational awareness for operational missions. The amphibious, all-terrain Agema can be rapidly deployed to the battlefield with a scalable 4 to 8-loitering munition payload, allowing for AI-based, automated and pre-planned offensive or defensive operations.

The system is paired with a powerful AI-based GCS software that allows the entire system to be controlled by a single operator who can launch and control multiple loitering munition UAVs, for high-accuracy targeted strikes on multiple targets.

Remotely Operated

Equipped to support multi-domain operations the autonomous system can be remotely operated or pre-programmed,

go anywhere mobility

The AGEMA’s 8x8 multi-role drive-train is fitted with a customisable deck that can easily be adapted to any mission-specific payload.

amphibious capability

With its sealed chassis, excellent stability and load capacity on deep water the AGEMA can traverse rivers, lakes and marshes with seamless entry and egress.

Artificial intelligence

Powered by advanced AI-based technologies, the AGEMA UGV is designed to guide, secure and protect human personnel and property.